Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dorothy Gagnon and Jean Thurber Retire from Board of Directors

Dorothy Gagnon left the board in May. Dorothy has been an executive board member for many years and the last few years, secretary of the board. She has been a very devoted member and spread the word about the center to all who would listen. She will now have time to spend with her family and her church family. She also volunteers at several other organizations in Greenfield. She will be missed. Thank you for your good work and time Dorothy!
Jean Thurber recently retired from the board, but will also be leaving her very important food pantry position at the end of this week. She has been a steadfast coordinator for our food pantry, took care of all the paperwork involved and making sure that all who needed food received it. We will miss her but we know that she will stop in now and then to visit! But we hope she enjoys her dinners out with friends and traveling and enjoying herself with her free time! Thank you Jeanie!

Donations Policy Change

Attention: Donations are now being accepted on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. We will not accept donations on Wednesday and Thursday. Donations of clothing and linens must be in tied off bags and please watch how much they weigh. Most of the time the bags are being lifted out of bins and if very heavy could cause us injury. We appreciate your donations, but we ask that you adhere to our new policy so that we have that middle of the week time to catch up! Thank you!