Saturday, June 27, 2015

Items Available and Closing Early for the Holiday Next Weekend

I worked so hard today at the center, I forgot to take pictures when I was dragging myself to my car! We have a beautiful couch that has two recliners in it (only $75!). We have several regular couches as well as a nice love seat! We have sold some of the bureaus, but still have two more in the store. However, I will say we are packed and have reduced prices, so get in there while you have a chance at getting some good deals. We got tons of household items in today and we packed the shelves and as they empty we have more to supply them again! Our truck is full and our storage house is full! Thank you for donating, now it is time to sell them. Come on over to the store and check it out! 

We also have a short week next week due to the holiday. We will only be open Monday through Thursday. We are closing Friday and Saturday, so that our employees and volunteers can spend the holiday weekend with their families! So, plan on shopping early in the week, because we will be closed Friday and Saturday (3rd and 4th).