Thursday, July 10, 2014

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When you have a chance, please go to our Facebook site: Franklin Area Survival Center and Like us, and Follow us! We sure would appreciate it! Pass it around to your friends on FB and ask them to share, too.

Check out our website:! We have our pantry stats on there and you can see just how important it is that you purchase from our store. Every time you purchase from our store you help provide food for the pantry, as well as keep us paying our bills and employing the few people who help keep us going!

We also appreciate donations of food, clothes, housewares, furniture, small appliances and more! Please call us before you call anyone else. Your food donations help local people who really need assistance. Your donations help support our mission of feeding people in Franklin County as well as help us pay the bills so we can continue to do the work that we do.

If you have any donations that you would like picked up, you can call us at 413-863-9549.  We pick up if you have large furniture or large amounts of clothes and household items, estates, and more. Call us to find out what we will take. Contact us via the website or our email:

Republic Services Donates to Food Pantry

Today at noontime Bruce Stanos and Eric Curtis of Republic Services of Chicopee and Tyngsboro, MA, delivered a truckload of food to the food pantry! A while back Bruce contacted me with interest in our food pantry and who we service. He told me his business liked to help food pantries in the areas that they serve. They serve Montague! I gave him a bit of history, told him to check out our website and FB pages. A few days later he let me know that the company would be collecting food at their offices for the month of June with a delivery the first part of July. Today he showed up with a pick up of bags of food. The foods were non-perishables and our crew quickly had them weighed and on our shelves. This is a great time for donations since children are home and out of school. Republic Services said they will be helping us out from time to time and I can contact them if an emergency arises. Thank you so much for your donation of 355 pounds of food. This may not seem like a lot, but the foods they donated were lightweight and plenty of it! We thank them and look forward to them working with us to help feed the needy of Montague and Franklin County! Thanks again Bruce and Eric!