Monday, January 12, 2015

Franklin Area Survival Center has a lot to offer!

We have a lot of new items in the store. Stop in and see what changes we have made and get some great bargains at the same time! Remember each time you shop at the center, you are helping support our food pantry. 

9 drawer dresser

Nice hutch top

computer desk

Kids toys are one of our best sellers!

Knick Knacks anyone?

Candles and more! 

Never know what we may have! 

More items come in all day long! 

Dishes galore! 

Knick Knacks and mugs! 

We have tons of silverware and specialty items!

Lots of plastic items and stemware!

Need a vase? mug? 

We get great Avon collectibles, too!

Lots of different items come in, you never know what you might see

We have very unique candle holders that come in!

Personal items for sale!


More Jewelry!

and more Jewelry! 

Brand new items are behind the cashier's desk, if you need  a quick gift! 

Porcelain dolls! 

We have many shoes, slippers and boots for adults as well as for children!