Monday, November 03, 2014

Board Members and Employees of Franklin Area Survival Center

At our annual meeting in October, we held our annual election of officers. They will remain the same. Candace Lynde rejoined the board in September as she has moved back into the area.

Franklin Area Survival Center Board Members

Faith E. Rockwood, President
Sonnya Peters, Vice President
Fern Kolakoski, Treasurer

Dorothy Gagnon, Secretary
Dawn Lang, Executive Committee
Diane Muszynski, Executive Committee
Barbara Alfange, Executive Committee - - Pantry Intake Coordinator
Jean Thurber, Board Member-- Food Pantry Coordinator
Candace Lynde, Board Member


Jamie Symmes, Site Supervisor-Oversees daily operations
David Turner, Assistant to the Site Supervisor
Miranda Boyle, Sorter
Mary Cavanaugh, Cashier - Also volunteers as Food Storage Coordinator in our pantry
Veronica Johnson, Cashier 
Thea Leh, Bookkeeper