Monday, March 07, 2016

Come Meet our New Team Leader, Darleen Burke

Stop in and meet our new Team Leader, Darleen Burke. Check out the changes we are making to improve our store! We are placing new items out throughout the day, and we are doing pickups! Just call the store at 863-9549 and set up a pick up with Darleen. Remember all items need to be clean and able to be sold. We cannot take furniture only to have to pay to discard it (each time we have to do this, we have to buy less food), so please call us if you have something we can truly sell. Remember our thrift store finances our food pantry and pays the bills, and we appreciate you helping us keep helping those in need. 

Darleen was born and raised in Greenfield, but left after graduating high school to hit the road as a truck driver. She has worked for 35 years traveling the country and has decided it is now time to settle here for a while and be closer to her family.  Stop by and say hello!