Sunday, October 18, 2015

A note about our food pantry.

A note regarding our food pantry. We assist nearly 11,000 individuals annually. It takes a lot of food to do this. If you live in Franklin County and are in need of assistance you need to come into the intake desk and make out an application. You need to come with proof of identity of all people in your household, proof of income of all people in the household. All applicants must produce this annually. Once you are deemed eligible for assistance you will receive food once a month for one year and the process starts again. We follow the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You will need proof of residency, proof of expenses as well. If you have any questions of what you need to bring with you, please call and ask for the intake desk. Also, please remember this is a food pantry. We assist with food, you should not think that we are here to eliminate your need to purchase food. We only assist you, not provide all foods to feed your household. What food we have, we offer the amount you are eligible for. Our food changes every week and we may not have what you got the last time you were in. Again, I stress, we are a food pantry and are here to help you but cannot do it all. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask questions. You can send questions via our email address: