Monday, May 13, 2013

Aubuchon's Fundraiser Success!

Even though it looked like the weather was not going to work for us, this past Friday and Saturday (May 10 + 11) went off without a hitch. Friday was a great day with no rain during the event. Lots of donations and lots of hotdogs were enjoyed! Saturday was a wetter day, but we still made it most of the way through with just sprinkles, but during the last hour the skies decided to open up and the rain came down! We still had quite a few people stop by and visit our booth and all the hotdogs went!

We would like to thank Steve and his Aubuchon employees for all their work!  Aubuchon executives were in town as they were for last year's event and took part in the fundraiser as well. Thank you all very much. We do appreciate all that you do for us. This year we made over $200, which will allow us to purchase a little over a thousand pounds of food!

Thank you all and we will see you next year!