Thursday, December 15, 2016

Donations On Hold Until Further Notice

Donations for now are on hold once again.  We have been inundated with donations and have no more room.  Unlike other organizations, our donations stay within the center, they are not sent off to other locations to be sold there. So, we have our house next door, a small external storage onsite and a rented storage unit and all are full.  We do thank you for donating to us and look forward to more in the future and ask for your patience as we steam forward to process and get items out on the floor.

Please call before bringing anything to our store to donate, because until further notice, we will not be accepting at the center.  We will process as fast as we can, but due to illness and the necessity for members to be away, and the upcoming holiday, we just have limited time to due so.

If you have furniture to donate please call and talk with our team leader, Darleen Burke  (863-9549) and she will set up with an appointment in a week or so to pick it up.  Please note also that we do not go outside of Massachusetts to pick up or deliver and we do not go too far outside of Franklin County either.  However, if you are interested in those areas, you can make an appointment for Darleen to view the items and either accept or decline the items and if accepted, you can deliver them at a appointed time.

Any questions you may have, just ask Darleen.