Monday, October 10, 2005

Volunteer Opportunities

The Survival Center can always use volunteers. The tasks given to the volunteers varies but often they assist with sorting clothing and putting new items out on the floor at the thrift store. If you are interested in volunteering for the Survival Center, please drop by the center during business hours and fill out a volunteer application.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, call the Survival Center.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

About the Survival Center

The purpose of the center is to provide free food to needy individuals and families in the Franklin County Area. There is also a thrift shop where clothing, household items, furniture and other necessities are for sale at an extremely reasonable cost. The thrift shop is open to the general public and helps finance our food pantry. In an emergency, such as a fire or flood, the center will supply needed household items (if available) and clothing, free of charge, also additional food, to help the victims of a disaster. We also assist women who have had to move due to domestic violence.

The only employees at the Center are cashiers, site supervisor and the assistant to the site supervisor. All other workers at the center are volunteers. A Board of Directors, made up of residents from various county towns, sets policy, financial obligations and manages the daily operation of the center. The survival center is a non-profit organization, under section 501 3© of the Internal Revenue Code (our tax exempt number is 042-77-6526). Donors may deduct contributions of money, food, clothing or household items for tax purposes.

Please mail monetary donations to:

Franklin Area Survival Center
96 Fourth Street
Turners Falls MA 01376


Franklin Area Survival Center Board Members

Faith E. Rockwood, President
Sonnya Peters, Vice President
Fern Kolakoski, Treasurer

Dorothy Gagnon, Secretary
Dawn Lang, Executive Committee
Diane Muszynski, Executive Committee

Barbara Alfange, Executive Committee
Jean Thurber, Board Member


Darleen Burke, Team Leader
Miranda Boyle, Sorter
Mary Cavanaugh, Cashier
Ann Myles, Cashier

Denise Aiken, Cashier
Thea Leh, Bookkeeper 


Thursday, October 06, 2005

How to Receive Services

If you feel that you need the services provided by the Survival Center, you will need to come in to determine income eligibility. You will need a form of identification, proof of income (Disability, AFDC, etc.), proof of life expenses (rent, utilities, etc.). If you have any questions, please call the center and ask to speak to intake and they will explain the process to you. Please do not hesitate to call us (863-9549) if you are not able to provide proof, we can help you temporarily until you are able to locate the needed info. We do not let anyone go hungry!

Everyone is entitled to come into the pantry and get bread, sweets or other special items on the front shelves or in the cooler. Please abide by the signs that are posted. If we are low, we will lower that amount allowed per person. We strive for all to get something, so that no one is hungry.

Please visit the Survival Center's Food Pantry during the hours of 10:00-1:30 to sign up for help.

Guidelines for Thrift Store Donations

The Survival Center can always use donations of furniture, household items, and clothing for our thrift store. Please observe the following guidelines:

We only accept donations during business hours. Please do not leave donations outside of the store during non-business hours. Please do not leave bags of clothing outside our doors--feral cats in the area cause us to lose the contents.

We are accepting working electronics (TV's, Stereos, etc). Televisions are tested and if not working will be refused.

We accept donations of estates, close outs, etc. - Please contact Del to arrange pick up.
Furniture should be in good condition (all drawers are functional, no missing knobs or shelves, no excessive scratches, cracks or breaks, or dents, etc).

Clothing should be free of rips, stains, holes, and be in good condition. They should not be faded or dirty. We do not have facilities to wash clothing at the Survival Center so please be sure that clothing is in Ready to Sell condition.

Large items such as furniture (and large amounts of clothing) can be arranged to be picked up by our driver. Please call the Survival Center at 413-863-9549 if you need to arrange a pickup. Our driver has the discretion of rejecting any items he feels are not acceptable for resale in our thrift store. Please call with any questions regarding donations to Del at 863-9549.

Please remember our thrift store helps finance our food pantry and pay the bills. The thrift store is open to the general public! We highly encourage you to pass the word about this wonderful gem located in downtown Turners Falls, MA!

Hours of Operation

The Survival Center Thrift Store is open year round:

Monday-Saturday ------10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

The center is closed on Federal holidays.

Thanksgiving: The thrift store will be open the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving day.

Christmas: It depends on the day of the week that the holiday fall on. If it falls on a Friday we will be closed for the rest of the week. For other days of the week, please watch for our signs in the windows. We post at least two weeks in advance of the holiday. It may also be posted on this blog.

The Food Pantry is Open:

Monday-Friday----------10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

The pantry is closed on Federal holidays. At Thanksgiving we close the pantry the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and reopen the following Monday. See Christmas information in the thrift store hours section.

From Greenfield on Route 2A, go past Stop & Shop, make a right at the lights. Go around the corner and come up into Gill at the lights. Turn right going into Turners Falls. You will go over the Gill-Montague bridge and onto Avenue A. Continue on Avenue A through one set of lights, the next street off of the avenue is Fourth Street, take a left. The Survival Center is a large gray building (96) on the right near the end of the street, before the Second Street Baking Company.

Call for directions from other areas 413-863-9549.